Wedding in Venice and Veneto

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Wedding in Venice – romance at the highest levels.

If you want the most romantic place to get married in Italy, you should choose to have your wedding in Venice. No place on Earth can compete with the city of a hundred canals, Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge, where the only way to get around is on foot or boat and where tiny staircases, narrow streets and more bridges than in any other town take you to one  stunning place after the other.

With a wedding in Venice, so full of fabulous palaces just waiting to host your ceremony or reception, you are sure to make memories for life. (go look for Ca’ D’oro and Ca’ Rezzonico, for instance, or enjoy the beauty of the local Town Hall, Palazzo Cavalli) Imagine yourselves in a gondola, being transported around the city to places like Palazzo Ducale (The Duke’s Palace) or “La Fenice”, the famous Venetian theatre, while enjoying a glass of Italian Prosecco. Or how about taking one of the wonderful luxury taxis to get out into the lagoon to see San Giorgio Maggiore, maybe at sunset?

Getting married in Venice is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers anything you could ever dream of. Say your vows in a hall with the most beautiful frescos you could dream of,  dance to one of the many orchestras playing  in Saint Mark’s Square, host your dinner reception on a roof-top terrace overlooking the Grand Canal or bring your guests on a cruise to the islands of Murano and Burano…

If you are searching for a fabulous villas, you can also choose to get married in the famous Venetian mansions and castles around Venice. Going eg. to the area around Verona, Villa Pellegrini Cipolla, Castello Bevilacqua, Villa Arvedi and Villa del Quar are all masterpieces of Italian architecture. You are going to be enchanted by the awesomeness you can find here – among lush gardens, wonderful frescos and artwork, ancient hallways and stunning salons you are sure that no one will ever forget your wedding in Venice.

Whether you would like a lush, luxury wedding or are looking for an intimate solution for your wedding in Venice, there will always be the possibility to make your dream come true. The possibilities for creating exactly what you are dreaming of are endless, the happiness after your wedding in Venice, eternal.

(Photo copyright by Studio Arte FotoGrafica)

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