Planning your wedding in Tuscany

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Tuscany is usually the first place, bridal couples take into account when deciding on hosting their wedding in Italy.  And you can easily understand why: This region has it all.

It offers anything from lush, celebrity weddings over chic country-side celebrations to simple village ceremonies. Without missing any kind of venue you could ever think of: Luxury castles and manors, wonderfully decorated mansions, prestigious villas and elegant country houses or rustic farms, in the mountains, among olive trees or vineyards or by the sea or at the lake.

Planning your wedding in Tuscany

That means that you can have it all. Anywhere you go, Tuscany is ready to be the perfect host. Florence, with Palazzo Pitti, gli Uffizi and the fabulous wedding hall in Palazzo Vecchio, is waiting to celebrate your lush civil or religious ceremony. Siena and the Chianti-district welcome you to the countryside and a chic vineyard reception. Cortona, Volterra and Pienza offer a relaxed Tuscan atmosphere for your wedding. The surroundings around Lucca features large quantities of olive trees, perfect for a natural, relaxed celebration. And Pisa with the Leaning Tower makes the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Wherever you turn your eyes, you see nothing but beauty. The food is excellent, among the best cuisines in Italy and the wine known allover the world. With Tuscany as your destination, you cannot go wrong.

Where to get married in Tuscany

When thinking of your wedding in Tuscany, it is a good idea to keep your eyes open for hidden places. Those places that are rarely mentioned, but where you still can find the true Tuscan spirit. Get away from the more touristic areas, get out in the countryside, experience the villages and small cities. Villas and mansions like Villa Barsanti, Villa Bernardini, Villa Grabau and Villa Pitiana are just some of the many, many options available. And don’t forget to take the Castello di Bracciano (Bracciano Castle) where Tom Hanks was married, into account…

Wherever you go, you are met by the courtesy and warmth of the Tuscan people. This is one of the main reasons for which you will not regret if you choose hosting your wedding in Tuscany.

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