Plan a wedding in Portofino

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If you plan to have your wedding in Portofino, your destiny is to go for a sensation of luxury.

In this small fishing village, celebrities and VIP’s from the whole world come to see and be seen, to eat, drink and anchor up their yachts, sitting aboard relaxing and having a cocktail in the sunset. Some even come to get married.

But Portofino isn’t just luxury brands and celebrities waltzing around. It is also a place where it is easy to become fond of Italy.

Being true to its Ligurian roots, you will soon become confident with its wonderfully oldfashioned way of life and the sensation of peace and quiet that reign here. It is easy to fall in love with the magnificent Ligurian Riviera from this small angle of paradise. And it is a perfect setting for a spectacular and fashionable Italian wedding – or a more intimate ceremony.

Hosting your wedding in Portofino

If you are looking out for the perfect place which will add a fascinating and truly upscaled feeling to your wedding day, here is your chance. Portofino will lend you a huge hand when talking about gorgeous panoramas, amazing houses, fabulous restaurants and those marvelous specialty boutiques where you can find the best of Italian and foreign designers, and where the craftsmanship is still an integrated part of living on this spot.

Portofino will not give away nothing for free, but are you willing to stroll around spending time observing the people living here, you will soon get the feeling of home. And furthermore, with a backdrop filled with lush greens, colorful houses, fantastic yachts and people from the jet-set, you will not regret if you choose to celebrate your wedding in Portofino. Neither you nor your guests will never forget how wonderful your big day was.

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