Get married in Cinque Terre and Liguria

Wedding in Cinque Terre, get married in Cinque Terre, wedding in Liguria, get married in Liguria,  wedding planner in Cinque TerreTo get married in Cinque Terre is like a dream coming true. This unique spot on Earth – five similar, yet very different, fishing villages located in the region of Liguria – seems to be coming directly out of a wedding fairy-tale, allowing Immagination, Romance and Love to flow freely.

It seems as if Cinque Terre were handmade for couples wanting to tie the knot in a scenario where traditions and folklore are still respected and upheld. It is hard to find another touristic place in Italy where the sensation of being put back in time is so intense.

You can feel it when walking the streets: The smell of freshly made focaccia (a thin bread with olive oil and salt for which Liguria is famous and beloved) mixes up with the vision of a fisherman preparing boat and fishing gear for the next night. Roses grow on tiny balconies, cats nap in the shadow and on the streets you can hear people chatting about the olive harvest. A charming mixture – you will be eager to visit all five villages to acknowledge the differences between them.

Liguria hosts marvelous villas ready to welcome your wedding: Palazzo della Meridiana, Villa del Principe, Villa Lo Zerbino, Villa Lagorio and the amazing Villa Durazzo are just a few of the pearls of this amazing region.

Choose to get married in Cinque Terre if…

  • you are dreaming of an exclusive wedding with a strong local twist
  • you like cobblestone-paved streets, narrow houses and the possibility of being addressed by the locals
  • breathing salty air and smelling newly made pesto make you smile

If you are in love with Italy and the sea, then Cinque Terre is the right place to choose for your wedding.

Any kind of dream you have for your wedding, whether glamour, chic or simple, the Cinque Terre will make sure it will be an unforgettable day. Just remember that you must be prepared to fall seriously in love with one of the most beautiful parts of Italy.

(Photo copyright by Poike – istockphoto)

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