Destination wedding in Lake Como

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Ever since George Clooney bought a villa in the area, Lake Como has become even more famous than it was before. Every year, many couples choose to have their destination wedding in Lake Como. And you can easily understand why – there is so much beauty there that it completely takes your breath away.

Lake Como has always been seen as the more chic place to relax and recover for aristocratic families and artists. On its shores and in its many incredible villas, different celebrities have taken a couple of days off. Lake Como has during the years welcomed many of the most important composers (among those was eg. Verdi), film stars like Clooney and Hitchcock, politicians and several authors. Everyone of these prominent guests have enjoyed the beauty and the silence in this incredible piece of Paradise.

Planning a destination wedding in Lake Como

The area around the lake is home to some of the most beautiful residences in Italy. Many of these are privately owned and used as stunning backdrops for important celebrations and weddings. Cernobbio is one of the most sought-after locations with several villas and mansions in the surroundings. Bellagio is attracting the most tourists, especially due to the Rockefeller Foundation which has settled down in Villa Serbelloni.

If you really want to splurge for your celebration, you should check out Villa Balbianello for your destination wedding in Lake Como. This is one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces of the whole area and it has been backdrop for scenes from well-known movies like Star Wars and Casino Royale. Should you instead want a different solution, there are many wonderful alternatives like Villa Pizzi, Villa Erba and Villa Sommi Piccinardi which can be as fascinating and fabulous.

One thing is for sure: If you are looking out for a glamorous wedding, you will want to have your destination wedding in Lake Como!

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