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Sometimes you can find yourself feeling “all-in-one” with a certain part of the world: A country, a city, a panorama. When choosing where to get married this could be a very important aspect.

There is a huge chance that this could happen for you if you choose to get married in Apulia. Think about places like Santa Maria di Leuca, Polignano a Mare or Alberobello with the trullis…doesn’t it just sound like Heaven on Earth?

Down the “heel” of Italy, the coast stretches out for over 800 km making this part of Italy one of the top-notch places for sea-lovers. The Mediterraneran climate with its hot summers and warm winters that rarely features snow allows you to enjoy the region all year round. And the old castles, sumptious villas and amazing “masserie” (originally farm houses, nowadays often luxury resorts and hotels) in white limestone are ready to welcome your wedding in the area.

Land of traditions, joy and celebrations.

You will have the possibility of savouring some of the traditional celebrations of the area when you come over to get married in Apulia. There are so many different saints and memorial days that are celebrated all through the year that it is almost impossible not to run into a religious procession, fireworks or a “sagra” where local specialities and lush dishes are prepared for you to enjoy. Also remember that Carnival is celebrated in at least four different cities and it is surely worth the efforts to attend at least one of these spectacular events.

When you choose to get married in Apulia, you automatically choose a region famous for its hospitality, joy, family traditions, hard work and ability of enjoying the small pleasures in life. Try out the fabulous espresso with almond milk and ice cubes – if you sip that beverage sitting in the shadow under a palm tree looking out over the ocean you do not want to leave Apulia again!

(Photo: Rino Cordella)

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