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So, you have decided to get married in Italy. Congratulations, it is the best choice you could ever make. Italy makes the perfect backdrop for an event as romantic as a wedding. But to plan your wedding in Italy…how are you going to manage from where you are seated?

First of all: You need to find someone on spot to help you plan your wedding in Italy. It is as simple as that. You need to find a person you can trust because with whoever is going to take care of your wedding there has to be a “feeling” between you. Not every wedding planner will fit your expectations.

Second: Think of the mood of your wedding. What would you like the atmosphere to be like? Sophisticated? Rustic? Modern? Elegant? Country-chic? Vintage? Natural? While thinking of this, give a thought to the period of year as well. When would you prefer to get married?

Whatever makes you feel happy, stick with that. And then consider the third point:

Plan your wedding in Italy – where?

When you begin to plan your wedding in Italy, it might get a little fuzzy. As you will know, Italy is full of stunning, incredible places which all has that “something special” to them and where you can find the true Italian spirit. Quite a few will be known to you, others are part of  “Secret Italy” – those hidden, wonderful places that are hard to find unless you know that they are there – or you stumble over them.

If you want to get a little inspiration, here is a list of some of the most requested locations when you start the planning process:

  • Tuscany: Reknown and beloved in the whole world as one of the most beautiful parts of Italy. Including cities like Florence, Siena, Lucca, Pisa and Volterra, Tuscany is a place to come close to the Italian way of living, with its lovely Tuscan farmhouses, stunning surroundings, wonderful food and wine, charme, elegance and relax. Country-chic, natural or rustic, your wedding is going to be fabulous.
  • Venice: Venice makes sure you get a romantic wedding. Gondolas for a ride on the canals after the ceremony, narrow streets and small bridges for memorable photos, beautiful squares where to enjoy a stroll, just the two of you, and hundreds of years of love stories. Giving your wedding a luxury kick, even for couples on a budget.
  • The Lakes (Lake Como and Lake Garda): It is difficult to get a more beautiful setting than a lake wedding. After George Clooney bought a villa at Lake Como, people have been asking for this kind of weddings more and more often. Also Lake Garda is popular, and the wonderful ceremony and reception spaces available make both lakes absolutely worth it.
  • Apulia: Unknown to most foreigners, Apulia offers a laid-back, elegant atmosphere perfect for any wedding. Choosing a mansion in the countryside or by the sea – or going for one of the beautiful castles in the area – hosting your wedding in Apulia is bound to be like a fairy-tale.
  • Sicily: An island with a personality of its own. Here you will feel at home immediately. The sight, sound, smell and feeling of Sicily is second to none in Italy, and the Sicilian hospitality reknown throughout the country. Let the gorgeousness of the surroundings invade your special day.
  • Florence: Wellknown to anyone, Florence equals Venice in many ways. Except for the canals, Florence is full of history, marvelous building and culture – and perhaps one of the most beautiful wedding halls you could ever lay your eyes on. Absolutely a place to consider for a top-notch wedding.
  • Rome: There are many couples eager to marry in the Eternal City. The touch of history and the opportunity of strolling around with celebrities make sure that Rome gets its share of brides and grooms. Planning a wedding here is a guarantee to get memories for life.
  • Verona: Verona is less known than the area around Venice, but to our opinion not less beautiful. For a special ceremony you can get married in Juliet’s house – what could give you a better feeling of Eternal Love? And in the neighborhood there are many beautiful villas and mansions ready to host your reception. A feeling of greatness to be added to your special day.

But Italy is much more than these locations. Places like Portofino, the Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, Matera and Lucca all have something special to them. And the further you check out the opportunities, the more you will discover that Italy really has it all.

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