A luxury wedding in Venice


(Photo and video: Studio Arte FotoGrafica)


A luxury wedding in Venice

When I was contacted by L and B with regards to a luxury wedding in Venice, I was really in awe. I knew L from one of the groups on Facebook but had absolutely no idea that she could be wanting a wedding in Venice when getting married.

Nor did I know that they wanted to elope, to be just the two of them during their wedding day. But to begin their honeymoon in Italy getting married on Italian ground was what they were dreaming of. Furthermore they really wanted to make their wedding something special, so we decided to go for nothing but the best Venice could offer: A luxury venue to host the ceremony, a water taxi for transport the whole day, a lagoon cruise during which they had champagne and wedding cake, photographer and video crew…nothing was too good to make their dream of a luxury wedding in Venice come true.

It was amazing to see how the two of them enjoyed being together, how they took in all the various situations occurring during their wedding day. And when finally L decided to toss her bridal bouquet, we gathered a dozen of girls just passing by, around her allowing her to “pass the token”.

But most fabulous of all was the encounter with the Moslem girls in their chadors. That was an incredible moment. These three women in black were attracted to the bride and I urged them to get their photos taken with the bridal couple. Such a sweet moment as they understood what I meant and immediately got out their camera and got a couple of shots.

To L and B I can only say thank you for having me helping you get the luxury wedding in Venice you wanted. It was awesome being at your side to see the love you share. I wish all the best for your future – I am sure that you are going to have many, many wonderful experiences together. Finding your soulmate is rare – once found, you need to take good care of him/her…

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