You are getting married in Italy…

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Getting married in Italy – just the sound of these words is like a dream coming true, isn’t that right? A dream of fascinating, hidden places like a medieval castle on a hill, a beautiful villa with sea view, a old mansion in the countryside. Or maybe a fancy dinner on a yacht, a reception in a wine cellar with an incredibly intense atmosphere or a high tea aboard a local train departing just for you.

I know that you can see it all for your inner eye…

Getting married in Italy.

Getting the wedding in Italy you’ve always wanted is easy, chic and fun. In a world of standardization, I am going the other way, offering custom-made solutions. If you can dream it, I (and my team) can do it. Giving you an experience you will never forget, creating memories for life. Anywhere you prefer. Italy is the country of romance and you have nothing but to choose among all the most beautiful places you could ever think of.

– doesn’t that sound just like a dream?

YES! We’re getting married in Italy. But…where?

Here is your big chance to pick out the perfect frame for your wedding. Think of the feeling you’d like to have around you on your special day and read along:

Is your heart beating for a Chianti countryside wedding, a civil ceremony in the famous Red Hall in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence or a celebration in an olive grove near Lucca? Then Tuscany is the answer to your dreams.

Would you prefer the gondolas and the fabulous palaces in Venice to be the backdrop? Walk around the Basilica of San Marco and in the Saint Mark’s Square?  Or live your own version of the wonderful love-story of Romeo and Juliet? Venice and Verona will then be the best choice for you.

If you are into lush, laidback celebrations close to the sea, Apulia is perfect with its many 5 star luxury resorts.

Or maybe you are looking for that special stardust-wedding-feeling? Lake Como where George Clooney has his summer residence and where movies as famous as Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale would give you all opportunities to get pampered. Take a look at the Lakeside weddings in Garda and Como.

An island wedding with a special feeling is available for any bridal couple in love with Sicily. If you get married in the Catania area, the volcano Etna gives the opportunity of fabulous photos (just a small feature to be mentioned).

Do you love the idea of a romantic get-away close to the sea, where time has almost stopped and where VIP’s often meet and greet? Consider Portofino or Cinque Terre in Liguria as appropriate.

Or are you hooked on something else? Maybe Rome, the Amalfi Coast, hidden beautiful Umbria…? Wherever your dreams are taking you, there is one thing that we know for sure: You have decided getting married in Italy. I’m thrilled to welcome you to your tailor-made Italian wedding.

(Photo copyright by Edoardo Agresti Photographer [s])

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