A boho-inspired garden wedding in Tuscany


(Photo and video: Studio Arte FotoGrafica)

A boho-inspired garden wedding in Tuscany, June 2013

L and D’s garden wedding in Tuscany in June, 2013, was one of the absolut most beautiful weddings I had coordinated until then. L had been working since eons on the inspiration board – and that was easy to tell as she knew exactly how she wanted the look and the feeling of their wedding to be.

Full of color with a lovely color palette of hot pink, purple, yellow, orange and aqua, with amazing touches from the couple’s many trips around the world, an incredible photo wall and the most beautiful view during both the ceremony and the dinner – this garden wedding in Tuscany furthermore featured a fabulously looking couple so much in love that it was impossible not to be happy for them.

And the weather, which had been creating worries for me up till the weekend before the wedding, actually behaved extremely well. So well that the videographers were beaming with joy as they ran back and forth shooting continuously as the light continued to change becoming more and more beautiful for each minute passing by. Hosting the garden wedding in Tuscany with the weather we had had during spring was actually quite risky. Therefore being able to sit outside for the whole evening was much more than we had expected and such an incredible gift for the bridal couple.

L and D, I wish you all the best, every blessing and lots of love and laughter on your way throughout your life together as husband and wife. I will treasure these moments we’ve shared and hope that, if there will be a possibility in the future, we can meet again. I will be pleased to offer a nice Italian “espresso” so please give me a call should your way lead to Italy again.

Cheers – here is to you!

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