Special thanks to…

I am thankful for all the fabulous wedding professionals I get to meet each time I have a wedding. I am blessed to be among people who care for their work but who in the first place really do care for their clients. These people are special to my heart, because they make my working life so worth the while!

I’d like to thank everyone personally – but there are many, many who deserve to be mentioned. However, I especially would never have been without:

Studio Arte FotoGrafica


MaranoVisionArt – www.maranovisionart.com

Costanzo D’Angelo – Occhio Magico – www.occhiomagico.org

Rino Cordella – www.rinocordella.it

Nicola Nesi Photographer – www.nicolanesi.it

Edoardo Agresti – www.edoardoagresti.it

Alessandro Ambrosetti Fotografie – www.alessandroambrosetti.it

Giorgio Baruffi – www.gbfotografia.com

Giancarlo Malandra Fotografie – www.weddingreporter.it

MooD Trio – www.moodband.net


Further fabulous wedding pros that I adore and admire:

Enrico Celotto – www.domany.it

Marco Miglianti – www.marcomiglianti.com

Edo Bertona – www.edobertona.it

Marco Vegni Fotografia – www.marcovegni.it

I am just happy to be able to showcase your work, because in many cases I love every little bit and piece of it. You guys ROCK!


And we have been selected for

Best Of Wedding Photography – www.bestofweddingphotography.com

Thank you for this – it is an honor to join your international network of wedding pros…

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