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City Weddings with a Twist

Bespoke Weddings

Stylish city weddings.

Choosing a City Wedding can be as charming and stylish
as one in the countryside or by the sea.

It all depends on which city you choose.

For you we have selected some of the more "unknown" Italian metropolis
- it is now up to you to choose the
perfect place for your
city wedding:





(Photoes: Edoardo Cravero, Dario Egidi, Aldo Carli, Roberto Caucino, Nicola Destefano,


(Photoes: Photo Bac, Helovi, Andrea Vandoni, Diego Cervo, Huzur, John Pavel,


(Photoes: Sealine, David Orndorf, Claudio Beduschi, Pippa West, Gerrit Polder, Tella_db,

Turin - this is the city for You searching for a Classy Wedding.

Once the capital of the former Kingdom of Italy, Turin still maintain its distinguished attitude and character.

You will find an
elegant, aristocratic appearance whereever You turn Your eye.

18th century cafés and shops, beautiful parks and the mountains "just out back" - perfect for Your wedding vows.

NB. If You are a movie fan, don't miss the possibility to
tie the knot in the National Museum of Movies.

Choosing Milan for Your means that You are going for an utterly trendy wedding.

Among the most important houses of Haute Couture in the world, your wedding will be nothing but Pure Glam.

Having photoes shot in front of the famous
Duomo of Milan?
A cup of
espresso in Via Montenapoleone?
Or treat yourself to shopping in
the tres chic Vittorio Emanuele-Gallery?

- let's face it: The
mood of your wedding is definitely hip and upscaled when choosing Milan.

For a different city wedding Genoa, which is quite unknown to foreigners, offers many possibilities.

This rare Mediterranean pearl features narrow cobblestone-paved streets,
marvellously rich villas and a beautifully restored waterfront and harbour.

Say Your
religious wedding vows in one of the tiny black-white layered churches.
Or choose one of the many different venues for a
civil ceremony, equally beautiful and full of memories of former days.

Genoa surely is the perfect frame for
your unique wedding.

For further information
call +39 342 0817404 or write us an email.

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