An olive grove wedding in Tuscany

(Photo and video: Studio Arte FotoGrafica)

An olive grove wedding in Tuscany

It can be challenging when bride and groom have already chosen the villa for the reception before consulting their wedding planner. Many times you simply choose from the heart, not thinking of the logistical issues that might occur. You fall in love, you choose and you sign – then come the “issues” just afterwards.

When T and J contacted me, they already had been planning part of the wedding – that is, they had chosen the villa which was going to host the reception. But they hadn’t been giving much of a thought to how the wedding would be pulled off and where everything was supposed to happen.

That is my job. So as we started talking about where to put what and when I immediately found out that it wasn’t possible to host everything on the wonderful panorama terrace from where you could see far away. We had to get creative. And so I figured out that it might be a good idea to focus the attention on the olive grove surrounding the villa. We asked for permission to host the ceremony here with people sitting on haybales while listening – and this was granted. After the ceremony, the guests would then enjoy appetizers and drinks by the pool and further on also the seated dinner on the panoramic terrace.

For this wedding in Tuscany the weather almost blew up all of our gorgeous planning. However, it wasn’t until the day after that thunder and rain struck the area – we were so extremely lucky to be able to host everything as we had planned.

T and J, I was so happy to be part of your amazing wedding in Tuscany. I hope that your life as man and wife will be long and blessed. Whenever in Italy, give me a call so that we can have coffee…

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