A black-tie luxury wedding in Bologna



(Photo: Edoardo Agresti Photographer (s) – video: Studio Arte FotoGrafica)

A black-tie luxury wedding in Bologna

How often do we get the chance to have a bride (or groom) who has Italian origins? It happens. It also happens that they choose to have their wedding in the area from where their ancestors are. Often this takes us to rural districts more than to bigger towns but more or less in well-known regions like Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast or the area around Venice.

There was therefore a different feeling to receiving an email from a bridal couple asking for a luxury wedding in Bologna. Bologna isn’t very well known to the public, apart from the appassionate of Ducati and Ferrari – and apart from being famous for the tagliatelle alla Bolognese (the long pasta with meatsauce, praised by pasta lovers allover the world).

The couple wanted nothing but the best. Choosing Palazzo Albergati set the level for the celebration of their luxury wedding in Bologna which took place on a beautiful day full of sunshine, joy and love. The guests invited were from all over the world – more than a dozen of countries were represented among the invitations – the dress code was a formal black-tie, suitable for the importance of the palace and the tuxedos tailor-made in Italy for a more personal feeling to the whole celebration. This is the video of their wedding day.

However, bride and groom had decided to make their luxury wedding in Bologna a lifetime experience for everyone, so during the week before the wedding tours, activities and dinners had been arranged in order to pamper their guests and make them feel special.

To all of us who surrounded the couple and the guests during the preparation and the wedding days, this experience is one of those experiences that remains forever. In my heart I will always bear the words uttered when the bridal couple came up to see the Salon of Honour right before dinner. All they were able to utter was “Wow!” And then after a minute or two where they just stood there, the groom turned and said “I’m speechless!” See for yourselves what he saw…enjoy this special video made for two special people.

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